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Love water fights but hate single-use water balloons?

Single-use water balloons produce over 3.2 billion pieces of rubbish each year.

EcoSplat is changing that with reusable water balloons: more fun, no rubbish.

Introducing waste-free water fights!

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Hand holding a blue reusable water balloon in garden. Water droplets and getting wet. Outdoor games, lawn games and water fights.

The balloons worked perfectly. They are reusable, throw well and hold a lot of water so you can throw them a few times before having to re-soak.


I think they are really environmentally friendly and it means you don’t have to go around the garden cleaning up all the tiny bits of plastic.

Molly (age 13)

I love them cause they don't pop, so I can play with them on heaps of days, not just one day!

Ziggy (age 6)