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About Us

Boy throwing reusable water balloons. Caption: Wishing for waste-free water fights that last all day?

Single-use water balloons produce more than 3.2 billion pieces
of rubbish every year!

EcoSplat is changing that with reusable water balloons:
more fun, no rubbish.

Here at EcoSplat, we love water fights! But we don't love tying all the balloons, or that the fun is over so quickly. And we hate all that rubbish! Picking up popped balloons from all over the lawn puts a real dampener on the fun, and the rubbish can end up in our oceans where it harms our precious seabirds and turtles. We knew there had to be a better way to water fight!

Our vision is rubbish-free water fights for everyone and we want to replace the 1.6 billion single-use water balloons sold annually. That’s why we’ve developed EcoSplat reusable water balloons! Just dunk, throw and repeat for endlessly fun water fights, with no rubbish to pick up! Check out EcoSplat here

Sustained Fun LimitedEcoSplat is the first toy from our parent company Sustained Fun - the world's most sustainable toy company! Sustained Fun's mission is to develop toys for climate confident kids. 



Our Founders

Our founders’ dedication to finding maximum water fight fun knows no bounds. We were even product testing in the middle of winter!

Anthea and Helen have been leaders in sustainability since 2013, establishing high impact, award-winning businesses that disrupt the status quo. They both know how hard it is to find eco-friendly toys and are excited about EcoSplat – mainly because it gives them a legitimate reason to play at work!

Anthea and Helen with EcoSplat reusable water balloons

Anthea and Helen
Co-founders and water balloon fight opponents


How We Operate  

Cartoon of reusable water balloon running, jumping and splatting in a never-ending circle

We’re not just about reducing the rubbish in your garden and our oceans; EcoSplat envisions a world where all fun is rubbish-free. Sustainability is embedded in everything we do. 

Packaging Our packaging is 100% recyclable and all orders are shipped plastic-free.

Vehicles We get around in electric vehicles - a full EV and a Plug-in Hybrid.

Carbon We offset 120% of the carbon we produce through EcologiWe are powered by Ecotricity - NZ’s only provider of 100% renewable and carboNZero certified electricity. 


We focus on supporting the below Sustainable Development Goals, by reducing the waste that ends up in our waterways and oceans, and creating sustainable fun for kids. 

EcoSplat logo with the UN SDGs 12 and 14
EcoSplat supports the above Sustainable Development Goals. For more information visit the UN Website.

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Our Memberships

 Sustainable Ōtautahi ChristchurchNew Zealand Association for Environmental EducationWomen in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment

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