How to Turn Your EcoSplat Box into Gift Tags

EcoSplat box into gift tags

Instead of admiring the beautiful (responsibly made, recyclable) EcoSplat box then chucking it in the bin - with a pair of scissors you can turn that beauty into loads of name tags for Christmas gifts next year, or birthdays in between. 

EcoSplat box into gift tags what you will need

What you need: 

- EcoSplat box
- Scissors
- Hole punch
- String, anything you have around the house is good
- Optional extra: paper tape to stick some characters 

How to:

1) Unfold the box by pulling out the tabs on the inside. 
2) Lay flat and make your plan - we cut as many as we could from the box (43, let us know if you can get more out of it!). 

Unfold the EcoSplat box and lay flat

3) Cut your tags, you can trim the tips to make them the gift tag shape, or keep them as rectangles.

Cut out the gift tags from the EcoSplat box

4) Punch the tops with the hole punch.

Punch the tops with a hole punch

5) Tie on the string to the length that works for you.
6) Optional extra: use paper tape, rolled on itself to stick the characters onto a tag. 
7) Tie to the gift, or pop in a box for your next gifting occasion. 

Tie your EcoSplat gift tag onto the present

8) You can put any scraps in the compost bin!

Scrap card can go in the compost bin


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