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Magnetic Water Balloons VS EcoSplat

We decided to have a water fight comparing magnetic reusable water balloons with EcoSplat!

A box of EcoSplat reusable water balloon and a packet of magnetic water balloons lying on the grass

There were many advantages to EcoSplat including:
💦 More ecofriendly packaging - the EcoSplat box is fully recyclable and compostable, is designed to not have any glue and can be repurposed into gift tags or other crafts.
💦 EcoSplat are super fast to 'fill', just dunk and throw!

Four different coloured EcoSplat reusable water balloons being thrown into a blue paddling pool filled with water. Red, blue, green, yellow balloons

💦 EcoSplat can be thrown multiple times, meaning you don't have to go to the water after each throw = massive advantage! The opponent using magnetic balloons had to throw and then go back to the 'watering hole', making them super vulnerable!
💦 You can catch EcoSplat and throw them back at your opponent! EcoSplat can be thrown up to 6 times before needing redunking. 

The main lesson was that magnetic reusable water balloons slow you down!

 Check out our YouTube channel for some videos to see for yourself! 


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