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Rubber Jellyfish Documentary

Rubber Jellyfish is an Australian documentary released in 2018 that is having a major positive impact on reducing balloon litter around the world.

Rubber Jellyfish promotional poster. Shows a turtle and the shadow of a popped balloon floating under the surface.

The film tells the story of what happens when helium balloons are released into the environment and how this is affecting wildlife. 

Film maker Carly Wilson speaks to activists and scientists and discovers that balloons burst into jellyfish-shaped fragments which are eaten by sea turtles who mistake them for food. She shows how balloons persist in the environment and how claims by the balloon industry that balloons don’t cause any harm are incorrect.

Carly Wilson looking through a table of balloon fragments

Screenings of Rubber Jellyfish have resulted in balloon releases being banned around the world saving the lives of vulnerable marine wildlife.

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